43Odd cattle International API gasoline stocks unexpectedly greatly reduced concern about the evening |Odd cattle International API gasoline stocks unexpectedly greatly reduced concern about the evening 6

Odd cattle International: API gasoline stocks unexpectedly greatly reduced concern about the evening EIA data Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Today morning, the U.S. petroleum association data show that as of September 9th, when the week, the U.S. API crude oil inventories increased by 12 million 85 thousand barrels after the previous decline of 1 million 438 thousand barrels, is expected to increase by 4 million 500 thousand barrels. Cushing crude oil inventories decreased by 1 million 122 thousand barrels, meanwhile, API gasoline inventories unexpectedly reduced by 2 million 390 thousand barrels. Yesterday IEA monthly report: IEA will this year’s global oil consumption growth rate is expected to cut 100 thousand barrels per day to 1 million 300 thousand barrels a day, and the 2017 crude oil consumption demand is expected to grow by 200 thousand barrels to 1 million 200 thousand barrels a day. IEA expects international crude oil supply and demand in the next few months will not be significantly changed, so the situation of international crude oil supply surplus or will continue until the first half of 2017. Beijing time on Wednesday evening 22:30 will be released in September 9th when the week EIA crude oil inventory data. Bloomberg is expected in September 9th when the week EIA crude oil inventories increased 2 million 424 thousand and 600 barrels, the former value of a sharp drop of 14 million 513 thousand barrels, in addition to the expected weekly EIA gasoline stocks decreased by 575 thousand barrels, the former value of less than 4 million 211 thousand barrels. The United States crude oil yesterday, October WTI crude oil futures prices fell $1.39 a barrel, down 3%, to close at $44.90 a barrel, fell $45 a barrel mark. November ICE Brent crude oil futures closed down $1.22, or 2.5%, to close at $47.10 barrel. The 1 hour chart, WIT10 month crude oil futures again in the 61.8% Fibonacci callback line supported at the current oil prices are still unable to stand on average 200 hours, MACD steady below the 0 axis, RSI in the vicinity of 44, the exchange rate downward pressure; in the evening EIA data released before the expected oil prices will trend shocks, that remain on the sidelines, if the EIA inventory increase, prices will fall below $45, which target $43. On the 5 minute chart, the U.S. oil stabilized stabilized, 50 average, 100 average, 200 average oil prices showed a downward trend, although the station on average 200, but significant downward pressure, evening EIA data released before the market cautious wait-and-see. Spot gold 1 hours chart, spot gold fell to below the 61.8% Fibonacci retracements, average 50 hours have been through the next 100 hours moving average and average 200 hours, Bollinger Bands opening to extend the signs, MACD green column kinetic energy amplification, RSI in the vicinity of 34, downward pressure on the price of gold in the next few hours; if the price of gold is still in the bottom line 61.8% callback fast, will be measured under the range of 1300-1302.45, here is the lowest level since June 28th, while the upward trend line support, the price of gold fell after this interval is expected to rebound. On the 5 minute chart, today the Asian plate, a $5 short-term spot gold fell sharply later on

55Google pixel new machine all the way to see the appearance of exposure almost – Sohu digital|Google pixel new machine all the way to see the appearance of exposure almost – Sohu digital3

Full view exposure Google Pixel new machine appearance almost – digital mobile phone Chinese Sohu [news] this year by HTC Nexus OEM mobile phone (Sailfish) will be renamed Google Pixel, Google will pay more attention to the quality control of products. This also means that the new machine will be in appearance and configuration, bringing a refreshing feeling. Today, the people broke the news on twitter released Google Pixel 360 degree full perspective rendering video, to show and determine the new features of this phone @Onleaks. Google Pixel is still using a virtual button, the back of the three paragraph color design, with a round fingerprint sensor, the bottom has a USB Type-C interface, the top has a 3.5mm headphone hole. Foreign media Android Authority said, Google Pixel body size measurements for 143.8× 69.5× 7.3mm, screen resolution of 1080p. As for the other hand, Google Pixel (Sailfish) will be equipped with Xiaolong 820 processor, built-in 4GB memory +32GB memory, equipped with front 8 million + rear 13 million pixel camera, running Android 7 operating system, the battery capacity is 2770mAh. Allegedly, the machine will be released on October 4th, then went on sale in October 20th.